The Risk Study of a Real Estate Loan


Among the various stages of a loan, analyzing your application is certainly the most crucial.

Indeed, the study of the credit file remains the essential point of the process which goes from the first studies of financing until the disbursement of the funds the day of the signature of the authentic deed of sale.

Know that any decision before the final study of your file is like an agreement in principle that is a simple assessment that can give the bank.

Only the complete analysis of your loan application by the Commitments Department allows the lending institution to make a definitive commitment.

Respect the maximum debt ratio

Respect the maximum debt ratio

First point of analysis and perhaps most importantly, the analysis of the debt ratio no longer allows much flexibility today and unless you have a substantial rest to live, the banks will ensure that this debt ratio does not exceed one third of the income.

Present bank statements without incident

Risk analysis is primarily a comprehensive approach, the service to review your application will sift the bank account statements and check if you know how to keep a budget. It goes without saying that if you are a regular creditor, you will score points.

On the other hand, if you present debit current accounts with multiple payment incidents (withdrawals or checks rejected), you are likely to encounter a refusal of financing .

Benefit from a stable professional situation

Benefit from a stable professional situation

Have a good credit record The stability of your employment situation is an essential aspect of risk analysis. You will have a hard time borrowing if you do not have a stable job.

It is therefore essential that you have a fixed-term contract without a trial period if you are employed.

It is also important to know that public servants are more likely to obtain a mortgage than private sector employees because of the guarantee of employment.

If you come from an independent status (trader, craftsman, liberal profession, auto-entrepreneur or company manager).

It goes without saying that your balance sheets will have to present beneficiary accounts.

The personal contribution

The personal contribution

The case of the personal contribution is much more important today in times of financial crisis, the banks of networks in particular take less and less risk. If you are young primo accedant and you do not have input, you will struggle to get the sesame from the network banks.

Indeed, these require more and more that the borrower finances himself the notary fees.

As can be seen, the service responsible for analyzing the credit file seeks to obtain an overall view of the borrower’s situation. Each element studied is part of a set that must provide a positive answer … or negative.

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